Carvin CS6M Electric Guitar in Deep Green & Maple Top

Carvin CS6M in Deep Green with Maple Top for sale on eBay

California Single W / Tune-O-Matic Bridge Deep Green Over Quilt Top 5 – Piece Walnut W / Maple Stripes Diamond Abalone Inlays Stainless Steel Frets Black Metal Pick Up Covers Dunlop Strap Locks Carvin Abalone Logo Quilted Top Headstock To Match Body Black Chrome Plated Hardware Deluxe Black Hard Case

Carvin CS6M Electric Guitar Deep Green Maple Top Custom Made


Ashdown EB 12-180 EVO II 180W 1×12 Bass Combo Amp

Ashdown EB 12-180 EVO II 180W 1×12 Bass Combo Amps for sale on eBay

Ashdown EB 12-180 EVO II 180W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp


The Electric Blue EVO II 1×12 Bass Combo uses a 180-watt RMS fan-cooled fast-transient power stage. It features a fully-featured bass preamplifier with inputs for both active and passive instruments, an illuminated VU meter; 5-band EQ with Bright and Deep switches; a front panel-mounted balanced DI output for connection to a PA or recording console; an FX loop; a tuner/line output; and the classic Ashdown sub-harmonic generator.

Consistent with its EVO II status, this combo also includes a built-in compressor to provide an exceptional level of sonic control for a bass amp of this size and cost.

A high-performance Ashdown bass driver ensures exceptional attack, clarity, and low-end performance, while an extension speaker output can be used to connect an additional cabinet for use in larger venues. The cabinet is finished in a tough, retro-style vinyl covering.


· 1 x 12″ BlueLine speaker

· 180-watt RMS fan-cooled Fast-transient power stage

· Fully-featured bass preamp

· Inputs for both active and passive instruments

· Illuminated VU meter

· 5-band EQ with Bright and Deep switches

· Front panel-mounted balanced DI output

· FX loop

· Tuner/line output

· Ashdown sub-harmonic generator

· Built-in compressor

· High-performance Ashdown bass driver

· Extension speaker output

“Blue, blue, Electric Blue… Don’t you wonder sometimes—about sound and vision?”


EB 12-180 EVO II 180W 1×12 Bass Combo Amp

· Power output: (RMS)180W

· Power requirement: 230/115v

· Speaker configuration: 1 x 12″ BlueLine speaker

· Frequency response: -3dB at 33Hz and 25KHz

· Speaker outputs: Minimum impedance 4Ω

· High instrument input: Impedance 3.9MΩ/Input range 150mV – 20V p-p

· Low instrument input: Impedance 10KΩ/Input range 300mV – 40V p-p

· Line input: Impedance 22kΩ/Input level 0dBu nominal

· DI output: 600Ω balanced/Level -20dBu nominal

· Tuner output: Impedance 22kΩ, level 0dBu nominal

· Signal to noise: Better than 80dB (EQ flat)


· Bass: ±15dB at 100Hz

· Lo Mid: ±15dB at 220Hz

· Middle: ±15dB at 660Hz

· Hi Mid: ±15dB at 1.6kHz

· Treble: ±15dB at 7kHz shelving

· Deep: +8dB at 50Hz

· Bright: +10dB at 10kHz

· Effects Send: Impedance 22kΩ/Level 0dBu nominal

· Effects Return: Impedance 22kΩ/Level 0dBu nominal

· Distortion: Less than 0.5% THD

· H x W x D: 19-3/4″ x 18-1/2″ x 12″

· Weight: 59-1/2lb.

Tokai BreezySound Telecaster

Tokai Breezy Sound MIJ Guitar for sale on eBay

2012 Tokai ATE-70 YSR Breezysound Tele-Style Guitar w/GB, Sunburst, Japan 40580

2014 Tokai ATE-82 Breezysound Tele-Style Guitar HSC Off White Blonde Japan 40579

Tokai ATE80 Breezy Sound Telecaster Electric Guitar Sunburst Japan w/OSC

Tokai Breezysound guitar with Factory Maverick Bladerunner tremelo with gig Bag

Tokai TTE-60 TM / BREEZY SOUND Telecaster Rare Electric Guitar with Soft Case


2005 Japanese Tokai Breezysound. Stunning prestige quality Japanese Tele. Light butterscotch semi translucent paint you can see the grain through. Tortoisehell type pickguard which is not original but looks stunning. Chunky Tele neck, superb pickups and electrics

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio Head

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio Heads for sale on eBay

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio Guitar Amplifier Head ClassA Tube USB Audio Interface

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio 5 Watt Class A Tube Head w/USB Interface

Laney Lionheart 5w Tube Guitar Combo Amp Blue Tolex LN

Laney Lionheart L5T-112 5 Watt, 1x12" Class A Tube Combo Amp


Laney Lionheart 5w Tube Guitar Combo Amp Blue Tolex

Light Duty Economy ATA Case for LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 AMPLIFIER

Diamond Plate Rubber Laminate ATA 3/8" Case for LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12

Light Duty ATA Case For LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 112 Amp-ID 22.5x10 3/8x17

Diamond Plate Light Duty 1/4" ATA Case for LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 AMP

1/4” Ply Case For LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 Combo Amp-ID 22.5x10 3/8x17

'TuffBox' Light Duty Road Case w/Dolly Wheels for LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 112

Economy 'TuffBox' Light Duty Road Case for LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 AMP

ATA ~GLIDER~ Case 1/4" Ply For LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 Combo Amp

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio Guitar Amplifier Head and Audio Interface +Picks

Laney Lionheart L20T-112 20 Watt, 1x12" Class A Tube Combo Amp

Laney L5T-112 Lionheart 5 Watt Class A Guitar Tube 1x12 Combo


ATA Case Light Duty 1/4" Ply For LANEY LIONHEART L5T-112 5W 1X12 Combo Amp


Designed primarily for studio home practise or even small gigs, the Laney L5 Studio Head is an extremely elegant amp — and if the head alone doesn’t meet your needs, a 1×12 combo is also available. The L5 has separate speaker jacks for 5 and 0.5 W power levels, a built-in USB audio interface and a dual-channel topography, in which the clean and drive channels share the same three-band (Bass, Middle and Treble ) EQ and reverb, plus overall tone control, which is used to tweak the amp to suit the room in which it’s being used. The clean channel includes a bright switch in addition to a volume control, while the drive channel has the expected drive and volume controls. An authentic-sounding modelled ‘spring’ reverb is also fitted.

The amp is a Class-A design, employing a single EL84 and three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp valves, the latter in screening cans. Built in the Far East, the standard of engineering and finish is nonetheless of a high standard, with gold-plated PCBs and jack sockets, plus sealed gold-contact relays for internal switching. A beautifully finished marine-ply cabinet with a leather strap and blue basket-weave vinyl covering completes the picture.

The rear panel includes a balanced XLR DI output that can be set to mic or line level, and has a ground-lift option set using DIP switches. Speaker emulation can be switched on or off, and there’s an effects loop (switchable 0 or -10 dB sensitivity) and a TRS footswitch jack that accepts the included dual footswitch for channel switching and turning the reverb on or off.

Laney L5 Studio Head
For the USB output, which can be used to record the dry guitar and amp sound at the same time onto two separate DAW tracks, there’s a level-adjustment control for the dry sound as well as a jack used as a re-amp send, enabling a dry sound to be recorded and later reprocessed via the amp. A ‘phones jack with a separate level control can be sourced from the USB return or from the amp, and there’s an auxiliary mini-jack input so you can play along to MP3s and suchlike.

The USB recording feature, which works with OS X or Windows and needs no separate drivers, allows both clean and amped sounds to be recorded simultaneously to give the option of re-amping the clean sound while monitoring using the ‘phones. While the emulation works perfectly well for DI’ing the amp sound, you can’t beat miking up a speaker, so it’s important when buying a head like this to try a few different speakers and see what works best for you.

By way of character, this amp doesn’t lean too far in any particular direction, though I’d say it sounds more British than American, with a gutsy mid-range when pushed. It has a classy reverb and circuit noise is kept to a minimum. Nuanced clean tones with just the right amount of jangle are available, but this amp also loves to rock, with plenty of touch-sensitive blues tones on offer. Indeed, I’ve seen boutique amps costing more than twice this price that don’t look or sound any better, so if you want a really sweet-sounding low-power valve head for the studio that won’t drain your wallet, look no further.

Godin Richmond Belmont

Gdoin Richmond Belmont Guitars for sale on eBay




The Godin Richmond Belmont Electric Guitar delivers a unique blend of design and electronics resulting in a versatile, easy-to-play tone machine.

o Highly playable electric guitar with a bright, punchy voice
o Mahogany body for punchy tone
o Rosewood fretboard
o Godin’s Ergocut Mahogany neck offers superb playability
o Seymour Duncan ’59 humbucker and Lipstick single-coils delivers tons of tonal flexibility
o Fixed-bridge design with Roller Saddles provides massive sustain
o Deluxe Godin Hard Case included

1964 Gibson SG Special with Maestro Vibrola

1964 Gibson SG Special Maestro Vibrola for sale on eBay

Gibson 64 SG Special Used w/ Hard case

Gibson '64 SG SPECIAL guitar w/Hard case/456

Gibson '64 SG SPECIAL guitar w/Hard case/456


The SG Special evolved out of the Les Paul Special in the early ’60s when Gibson introduced the SG as its primary solidbody shape. The Special was conceived as a more affordable, parred-down take on SG Standard, and this designation persists till today.

Seymour Duncan Designed HB-7 Humbucker 7 String Bridge Pickup in Black

Seymour Duncan Designed HB-7 7 String Humbuckers for sale on eBay

Seymour Duncan Designed HB-7 Humbucker PICKUP Bridge Black RARE!!

920D Fender Std Jazz Bass Mod Duncan SJB-3 Babicz Hipshot HB7 BT7 CAR/BP w/Bag


The HB-7 was modeled after Seymour’s favorite humbucker combination, the USA-made SH-4 JB™ bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ neck set. Like the HB-101s, these pickups also use Alnico 5 magnets, but have a hotter winding spec, based on the world’s most popular “hot-rodded” humbucker.

Marshall MS-4 Portable Micro Stack

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack Battery Powered Amp for sale on eBay

Now you can take your guitar with you wherever you go without having to sacrifice your treasured Marshall tone.

The Marshall MS4 MICROSTACK is the full double stack big brother of the MS-2 and it is awesome! Use it as a practice guitar amp or as a speaker for your iPod/MP3.

o Legendary Marshall full stack looks
o Volume, tone and overdrive controls
o Pull-out tilt stand
o Headphone jack that doubles as a preamp out
o Batteries and power supply not included.

Featuring one Watt of power, the Marshall MS4 also has a headphone socket that doubles as a preamp output – take a cable out of the headphone output and plug it into the front of a bigger guitar amp for instant Marshall tone!

The Marshall MS4 may be powered with a battery, so you can rock while you roll. There is also an AC jack so you can connect an optional AC Adapter – contact us for details.

The MS-4 black full stack is the ultimate in micro rock ‘n’ roll. With separate Gain and Volume controls, you can go from clean to full shred and anywhere in between. It also features a pull-out stand for upward angled sound projection.

Marshall MS4 Micro Stack Practice Amplifier, New!

Marshall MS-4 1-watt Battery-powered Micro Stack -

Marshall MS-4 1 watt Guitar Amp

Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Battery Amplifier New

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack LN

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack

Marshall MS-4 1-Watt Guitar Amp MS4 Small Amplifier

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack


Marshall Minianpu stack MS4 P/O

Marshall MS4 Japan new .

Marshall MS-4 Full Stack Mini Guitar Amplifier


9V Marshall MS-4 Amplifier replacement power supply

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack

Marshall MS4 Japan new .


Yamaha 1820 SG

Vintage Yamaha 1820 Guitars for sale on eBay

Yamaha SG 1820e Black w/ Hard Case

Yamaha SBG1820A Silver Burst Electric Guitar B-STOCK

Yamaha SG 1820 Black Pristine Condition black w Seymour Duncan 59

YAMAHA SG 1820 VW, Good condition

YAMAHA SG1820G Limited Flame Maple / Natural Electric guitar 6 string

YAMAHA SG1820 BS Sunburst Electric guitar 6 string Seymour Duncan '59 PU

YAMAHA SG1820 VW White Electric guitar 6 string Seymour Duncan '59 PU

YAMAHA SG 1820/VW Electric guitar

YAMAHA SG-1820 Maple Top Mahogany Back with Hard Case E-Guitar Free Shipping


YAMAHA SG 1820/VW w/hardcase/512


Vintage Yamaha 1820 Guitars