Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion Pedal

Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion Pedal for sale on eBay The Fat Sandwich represents a new era in pedal design for Way Huge. In addition to carrying on the Way Huge tradition of amazing tone, rugged construction and cool names, the Fat Sandwich delivers heaps of crunchy distortion goodness via its innovative multi-stage clipping circuit.

ThorpyFX Pedals

ThorpyFX Effects Pedals for sale on eBay This British boutique brand was founded in 2015 by former British Army Major Adrian Thorpe. Its Gunshot, Fallout Cloud, Peacekeeper and Warthog pedals quickly established the company as a master of hand-built gain machines of the highest quality.

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Pedals

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Effects for sale on eBay Having built up a wealth of collective experience working for other US pedal brands, Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll launched Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and the pair have developed a bewitching line-up of weirdly wonderful fuzz, delay and ambient reverb effects. We’ve been particularly impressed by

Vintage Ibanez OD-850 OVERDRIVE

Original Ibanez OD-850 OVERDRIVE Distortion Pedal for sale on eBay In the middle of the 70’s, OD-850 wrapped in Orange’s narrow box. It is a very unusual model. It is also known for being reissued in limited production in recent years. This is valuable original individual. The interior is a discrete circuit, and fuzz sounds