Wolf Bass Guitars

Wolf Bass Guitars for sale on eBay

WOLF 4 String JB4 ebony Jazz Bass Guitar !!!

Wolf JB5 Ebony 5 String Jazz Bass Guitar Black

Wolf 5 five string jazz bass - upgrades - bundle pack!

Wolf KTB-6 String Fretless Bass Guitar Green Burst

Wolf jb5 Matt string Jazz Bass Solid Bubinga Top

Wolf JB4 Bubinga Gloss 2017 w/ wilkinson pick-up - JUST IN!

Wolf S8-5 Green 5 String Jazz Bass Guitar Neck Through

2009 Wolf Custom Bassman 7 String Bass NAMM Special Spalted Maple [email protected]@K !

2009 Wolf Custom Bassman 6 String Bass NAMM Special 100% Mint/Unplayed EBONY !

2009 Wolf Custom Bassman Namm 5 String Electric Bass 100% Mint/Unplayed!


Wolf Basses are crafted in Korea from exotic woods like Spalted Maple, Walnut and Quilted Bubinga. They vary in quality from bolt-on 4 string models all they way up to neck through 7 string basses.

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